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West Brom Manager Calls Promotion Plan Ridiculous


Lee Bowyer, the Charlton Athletic Boss has stated that his side’s rise up the league table is a proof of the notion of making use of points in a game for deciding the season has been ridiculous.

Football had been suspended for more than 3 months from March to mid of June due to the ongoing pandemic. During this time, several proposals have been made regarding how they should determine the final standings in the event that the remaining fixtures can be played.

The EFL had stated during the lockdown that the point for each game was its favored method to decide the final standing in case the season is canceled. This was a plan that would have promoted Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion to the Premier League.

Bowyer, the one whose Charlton side could have been relegated under PPG said that the idea is just scandalous in the month of May. He said that this might be wrong on every level. He stated for them as a club it is not going to be acceptable. He feels that they are not going to give too much away as they never do.

The Addicks appear to have begun campaigning with consecutive wins over QPR and Hull City for rising to 18th as there they are going to have a 3-point cushion at the drop zone. Bowyer, who is going to take over Birmingham City, Albion’s rival has said that it vindicates his argument which states that using PPG is going to be a mistake.

Bowyer said that is the reason he is not happy with the way they are doing it. It wouldn’t have been fair or right.

He said that with 9 games to go, there was enough football left. Also now, as 7 games are left, they are not out of the game.